Pacific Grace 2003 - SCMS Trip
Pacific Grace 2003 - Surrey Christian Middle School

Anchor Watch at Sunrise
Grace Crew
Grace at the Dock
Raising Sail
Many of the students found that teamwork was not only desirable, but essential, when living on board a ship!
Horizon through the Ratlines
Itīs amazing how even the most commonplace things can become beautiful.
Itīs not that heavy!
A slightly exaggerated impression of the excessive weight of my bag!  I just like to be prepared!
John the Bosun - Mug Up
John inspired the students to great vocal achievements.  A favourite song this year:  "Those Were The Days".
Juice, Anyone?
As always, we were impressed with the food that was produced in what seemed to be a tiny space!
Pacific Swift at Dusk
This may actually be a sunrise - I canīt remember now!  Suffice it to say that she makes a very pretty picture.
The Race is On
The Race is On II
The Race is Won
Swift at Sunset
Again, this might be sunrise.
Bell on the Grace
Graceīs Crew
Grace in the Inner Harbour
Grace at the Dock
The Return