Pacific Swift 2001 - SCMS Trip
Pacific Swift 2001 - Surrey Christian Middle School
Upon Arrival
We arrived at Victoria´s inner harbour a bit apprehensive and very sleepy after having come over on the 7 a.m. ferry.
Skipper & his wife with one of the trainees taking the helm
SCMS Pacific Swift Trip 2001
A picture of the deck
Raising the Sails
This was the first indication for many of the students that this would NOT be simply a pleasure cruise!
Raising the Sails
Skipper keeps a sharp eye on our progress
Mainsail up
Raising the Foresail
Raising the Foresail II
More Sail Raising
We´re on our way
Once the motor was off and we were under sail power exclusively, many paused to enjoy the sensation.
A long way up
John the Bosun - Unshod Supervisor
John the Bosun surprised most of those aboard by going barefoot for most of the trip, even though the rest of us were bundled up for the weather.
A Sunny Day at Sea
Still Sunny
Sunny Day in March
We were blessed with a couple of gorgeous, warm days.
Rescue Mission Successful
Our gallant crew members returned to the site of a shore visit to retrieve some personal effects that had been left behind.  
Some crew members
First Mate Anthonie, Bosun John and Skipper Martyn
Lessons on Deck
Most of the students preferred these lessons to Math or French, for some reason!
John the Bosun warming up
Mug Ups quickly became a much-anticipated daily event.  Students sang songs learned here for months to follow.
John the Bosun at Work
Bosun John was not very impressed here - someone had managed to get a dishcloth jammed in the head after dumping the dishwater and pumping for all they were worth!  Sometimes it´s not so much fun being bosun!
Skipper Martyn
End of the Trip
Goodbyes were said, people moved on, but memories remain.