Pacific Swift 2003 Trip 1
Pacific Swift 2003 Trip 1
Bosunīs Band
Kai & Chris on a sunny afternoon
Captain Canada - up, up and away!
Need I say more?
Patriotic Seamen
Skipper & First Mate showing pride in the flag!
Captain Canada II
Captain Canada returns to the ship, slightly winded, but undaunted!
Starting them young!
Skipperīs son, hard at work!
Swift Olympics - Our Esteemed Judges
Iīm really not sure how to comment on this picture - Iīll let it speak for itself.
Swift Olympics - synchronized swim team
No medals, no podium, but boy, were we good!
Talent Show I
Avril Lavigne made a surprise visit with her backup band
Talent Show II
Cher popped in to sing us a song
Talent Show III
Itīs amazing what some people can accomplish when they put their minds to it!
Talent Show IV
Yes, thatīs a rubber surgical glove.
Just one of the beautiful moments during the trip
Anchored off Weirs Beach July 2007
In the Morning Mist.  Picture by Stan Allen Dallas TX USA