Pacific Swift 2003 Trip 5
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Skipper Martin
looking out into the distance...
Bow Watch
You gotta love bow watch! (or lack-there-of...)
sneaking in a smile while keeping us on track.
sportin´some sheep ears, also known as the ´sheepshank´
Bosun´s Mate
Greg making the boat pretty
Bow Watch Singin´
guitar playing in the bow...what a popular spot!
Hot Springs
enjoying the clean, hot, non-salty water while we exchange for the nasty smell of sulfur
Hot Springs
Hot Springs at gorgeous!
Cougar Annie´s
the entrance to Cougar Annie´s garden
Dorey Ride
Duff´s dorey headin´ home
Shore Shot
a shot of the Pacific Swift from amazing!
gotta love doing dishes!
taking a short nap....notice the ´Kyuquot, BC´ hat!
Skipper Dave
this pic was taken when we docked up to the Grace for mug up...cute hat Davie!
Rappin´ Gracies
these guys came up and did a rap for us, hence the doo-rags
smiley faces
classic look of mug-up...all smiles
Nap Time
nap time, well, sorta, in the fo´c´stle
Fo´c´stle Meal
possibly the worst place ever to eat on a rocky day
Hatch Shot
peaking out the fo´c´stle hatch
Rope Swing
fun times on the rope swing!
an attempt at impersonating that Titanic scene
on talent night, Duff decided to sing a little opera!
cute pic at sunset
port watch girls
chillin´ after doing dishes
Talent Night
the boys playing a song they made up for talent night
Talent Night
more singing of a made-up song
Skipper Martin´s Magic Show!
Skipper Martin brought out his magic skills for talent night
Last Mug-Up
Skipper and Bosun Kai at our last mug-up
Sails Up
rigging and sail
Sails Down
bringing the sails down
docking up - quick snaps of group shots
docking up - quick snaps of group shots
Port Watch
yup...Port Watch!
Group Shot
Sunny times - look at all those smiles :)
sunset to our night run...