Image #310
Arwen, the Skipper´s youngest (daughter that is)
Image #311
CB and Bonn, dancing????
Image #322
Image #321
Danny, CB, Johno, and Lyndsey doing the boyband tribute for a secret friend
Image #320
the rinse
Image #319
oops, missed a spot!
Image #318
Bonn and John, Sunday morning shave (We think Bonn is trying to promote the growth for next year)
Image #317
The lather
Image #316
Suuuuupppeerrr Bosun!
Image #315
Image #314
Jacobs, Skipper´s Son (one of them anyways)
Image #313
Lyndsey, Sara, Arwen, Skipper, Hatch Shot!
Image #312
Drummin´ Bonn
Pacific Grace 2003 Trip 1
Pacific Grace 2003 Trip 1
Swatch Watch!
the whole of Swatch Watch....aka port watch
Pacific Grace trip 1
everyone´s here!
Desolation Sound
Desolation sound...again
Dusk on the Grace
Night on the grace
Jill and Chels
jill and chels on stern watch
a whole lota ocean
The girls
elisa, rebecca, and chels
Surfer dudes
uhh surfer/sailor dudes!
i have no idea what the crew is doing here...all i can say is that they look kinda weird. .
Bonn, Tom, Ari, and Kailey at the stern
Going home
Jeremy Ariana and Dan at the Bow
Hanging out
Rebecca, carolyn, and Chelsea in the fo´c´sle??i cant spell
everone cooling off at the lake
lake again
more ppl cooling off at the lake
on savary
nice long beach
at savary again
more beach!
Canada Day
here´s Bonn after doing some kinda weird broom trick, and now he´s posing haha