Pacific Grace 2003 Trip 3
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One night during mug-up John decided to dress up as a girl for a game that we were playing.
Pacific Gracce
I took this picture when we docked at a place called Alert Bay
I took this picture because I thought that the sunset was really pretty that night. I donīt know where it was taken though
One day we saw a couple of orca whales off in the distance and then the whales decided to come closer to us and they swam under out boat.
This is a picture of Jacob(the captians son) posing for a picture.
During mug-up one night John was given a barbie doll from his secret friend. John then decided to duct tape her to his guitar. He then finished the singing with barbie helping him lead it.
Here the Skipper is cutting up one of the fish that we caught on board. We had that fish for lunch the next day.
More of the fish
Another picture of the fish that they caught.
This picture was taken after John had attacked Saraīs dori and then went onto the Swift to get some of their crew wet.
I canīt remember where we were when I took this picture but we had a lot of fun at the waterfall.
Stern Watch
Gryadon Jacob and me on stern watch
Image #369
Emily Morgan Halley Rebecca and me on the last day