Joni Smith and Dave Campbell
Pacific Swift 1990 - Trip 5
Joni Smith and Dave Campbell
Joni in the Rigging
Jim gassing up $647
Savory Island
Julie, Gavin, Leif, Heather and Bryce at Savory Island (Pacific Swift in background)
Sanding is our favorite 6-hour pastime
L-R Michelle, Joni, Leif, Shane, Joey, Dave, Erin, Julie B., Don
Robby´s Skipper
Coming to the Pacific Swift to borrow brasso before the last day
Victoria Harbor
Anchored in Victoria Harbor before the cup race -- Robertson II, Pacific Swift and Salty Dog
Leaving Savory Island
L-R Erin, Julie, Joni, Heather, Tom, Joey, Julie Cook, Shane, Dave
Joint trip with Pacific Swift and Robertson II