Pacific Swift 1990 Trip II
My first trip on the Swift - at first I felt like a trator to the Robby - but that didnīt last long.
Docked before launch
Surveying the scene....
Below deck b4 launch
Enjoying some sunshine
Da crew
Row, row , row your boat...
Teakern Arm
Shore leave....
Light Reading
Anchor sludge....
Another pow-wow
Dot or not?
Galley work
Mug-up singing
Skipper Dave & Johnny beltinī one out!!
Making plans....
Taking a break
Jump around
Andrew trying to see how much air he can catch off that wave!
Sharing a berth at Teakern
Sharing a berth at Teakern (2)
Spiderman?? Johnny??
Warming up on deck
Ferry ride after the trip
Are those deadheads?
Weighing anchor
Catching some rays
Braids for Scott
Troubadours (2)
Hamming it up
Beautiful lake
Keeping the beat
Anchor sludge (2)
The camera loves you
Wave riding?
Zak trying to top Andrewīs leap...
Shaing a berth at Teakern (3)
Spiderman?? Johnny?? (2)
Work was the best part
Scraping and painting the hause and trim
Safety Harnessī - never heard of em
Nothing like anchor surfing to start the day.
Just Hanging
it really wasnīt that cold ;)
Exam Time
Writing exams... I was already done my Intermediates by this point - and not yet ready for seniors.
Friends Come Aboard
This Coast Guard aux unit was friends with some of the crew - so they stopped by with their little zodiac - then the fun started... (this is still during the exams)
Tormenting Trainees
yes, you are supposed to be quiet during an exam - but we couldnīt resist free rides in the coast guard zoadic for crew!
I got to drive!
Twin 75Hp outboards with plane control can be a LOT of fun. I felt sorry for those still writing exams (but only a little)
More Hanging Out
Just the guys down in the Aft Cabin
Massive Mug-Up
At Teakern Arm a two crew mug-up is always a blast!
Massive Mug-Up
At Teakern Arm a two crew mug-up is always a blast!
Hanging our again
hey - you can even see my violin in the background
Just a quick snap.
I love snapping people when they donīt expect it
a trio of wierd expressions
I know they look drunk - must have been tired...
I literally was just coming up out of the aft cabin, Mary put her arm around me and instantly we have one of my favorite photos.
Go Skipper!
This was my first trip sailing with Skipper Dave.
Starboard Watch
My watch!
Port Watch
Fore Watch
The Crew Shot
This is a bit sad for me because one of the volunteer crew this trip passed away in a tragic accident 6 months after this photo was taken ;(