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October 13th 2019 - 16:18

Thread #245

trawlertrash has no photo

by: trawlertrash
June 13th, 2006
Hello from England
I crew on the Kenya Jacaranda, a 1923 wooden built Brixham Sailing Trawler based at Tilbury Docks in Essex.  I passed my MCA Approved Diesel Engine course last October and since then have been a trainee boatkeeper/engineer (talk about getting all the glamour jobs).

KJ is run by the Mayflower Sail Training Society in order to provide accessible sail training for disadvanted young people. She is having a īrestī at the moment on account of the fact her hull needs some work and we are trying to raise the funds to keep the old lady in the water.

Dont know what else to write other than to say she is the most perfectly beautiful vessel currently at sea (not that I am biased of course...).

Thatīs it, Iīm done... Iīll go now.

Godspeed all,

Portrait for sbaker

by: sbaker
June 13th, 2006
Hello from England
"Trawlertrash" I love it! perfect handle... Welcome.

Welcome - thanks for chiming in. How about some photos of the Kenya Jacaranda? also let us know if there is a web site - if youīre trying to raise funds - it canīt hurt to get the word out!

Fair Winds
 - and watch for squals from leeward

Scott W. Baker

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